Vieux Farka Touré - Ethnoambient

Vieux Farka Touré

Mali |


Music that entices you to give yourself to the rhythm and rhythm is everything that in that moment exists; one's body moves itself, swings, walks, dances and feels the rhythm of everything around, all visible and invisible. Vieux and his band are often classified as part of a Malian blues wave, their music is described as a mixture of reggae, rock and blues, but Vieux' music shows no care for labels which nowdays have no same meaning as before, anyway. Good Music is good music and at it's best when performed live. Description of Vieux work usually start with the fact that he is a son of the famous Ali Farka Touré. We shall not avoid that fact, but at least leave for the end because family heritage is not irrelevant, but Vieux have deserved to be known by what he himself is and what he is creating with his band.